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Holiday Home kalnik - location

Accommodation where you will feel great

The holiday house is located in the village of Kalnik, at the foot of the mountain of the same name and 15 km from the old town of Križevci and 70 km from Zagreb (capital of Croatia and the nearest airport).

Kalnik is traditionally known for its viticulture, so in the basement of the house there is a tasting room of local wine and various types of brandy produced by the owner. Guests can relax in this room with local drinks.


We have invested a lot of effort to bring our holiday home closer to you and ensure a pleasant stay with us.


Rest for your body and soul. Holiday Home Kalnik is surrounded by nature, peace and quiet.


We are located just an hour from Zagreb and 15 kilometers from Križevci.

Holiday Home Kalnik - exterior

In the courtyard guests will find a barbecue and a terrace where they can relax with family and friends and which is surrounded by vineyards. Next to the terrace there is a swimming pool, children’s playground, beautiful garden, pleasant and peaceful environment. Also, for additional relaxation, there is a jacuzzi and sauna. Free private parking is available in the courtyard.

Holiday Home Kalnik - interior

Luxuriously decorated and fully equipped house

Capacity up to 6 persons

What does the accommodation contain?

Accommodation unit on the ground floor has a fully equipped kitchen, dining room and living room with magical fireplace and TV, bathroom with shower and hairdryer available, entrance hall and balcony overlooking the courtyard, vineyard and valley. In the attic there are two bedrooms, one with TV and overlooking the fortress and the mountain Kalnik and the other overlooking the valley and hills. The attic also has a balcony with panoramic views of the green environment. Balconies have seating areas.

Holiday Home Kalnik is luxuriously decorated and equipped with wooden furniture. You can enjoy a combination of traditional and modern interiors in the building. The property also offers Free WiFi. Pets are allowed. We offer the perfect vacation for anyone visiting or traveling through this area. Accommodation in Kalnik offers its guests peace away from the city noise. Luxurious accommodation, stunning scenery and mountains provide the ideal place for any moment.

What to visit?

Accommodation surroundings

In addition to accommodation in the Kalnik area and its surroundings, guests can enjoy traditional dishes in the restaurants "Planinarski dom Kalnik", "Kalnička kljet", in some of the restaurants in Križevci (Križevačka pivnica, Gornjevinska klet, Calypso, Japa, Mrak, etc.) or in traditional restaurant "Rakić" near Lake Čabraji. The nearest supermarket is 0.3 km from the property and larger shopping malls are available in Križevci (15 km).


- "Old Town", Kalnik village (Church of St. Brcko, Biblical Garden of Peace)
- Sights in the cities around the accommodation (Križevci, Zagreb, Varaždin, Koprivnica)

Nature and activities

- Kalnik Mountain, forests (hiking, walking, climbing, paragliding, cycling, quad riding)
- Swimming / swimming / sunbathing
- Other activities: darts, badminton, ball games, toys, books, etc.
- Wider surroundings: mountains Ivančica and Medvednica, river Drava, lake Šoderica, spa