Kalnik region


Above the village of Kalnik, on the hill of Sveta Katalina on the mountain Kalnik, is the Old Town of Veliki Kalnik, a complex of fortifications from the 12th century onwards. The area has been inhabited since prehistoric and Roman times. The fort was first mentioned in 1243 when King Bela IV. emphasizes its importance in the fight against the Tatars. The Hungarian-Croatian King Sigismund of Luxembourg and his wife Barbara of Celje ("Black Queen") stayed in the fort. The owners of the fort were nobles, bans, the bishop of Zagreb, etc. Among the noble families stand out: Erdödy, Drašković, Keglević, Orehovečki, Kosače, etc. Much of the former fort has been preserved to this day. The Turks were defeated in Obrež Kalnički in 1565 and withdrew from the area. Since then, the population has been increasingly settling at the foot of the Kalnička mountain, and today tourism is also developing.

Kalnik region today

auto_awesome Prevedi s jezika: bosanski 1.412 / 5.000 Rezultati prijevoda The highest peaks of the Kalnik mountain are Vranilac, at 643 meters, the peak of Pec at 624 meters, the peak of Pusta Barbara at 460 meters and the peak of Škrinja at about 500 meters above sea level. In a bend on the rock north of the village of Kalnik, lies the Old Town of Veliki Kalnik at 500 meters above sea level. West of the Old Town is the mountain lodge Kalnik at 480 meters above sea level. From the mountain lodge, it leads through hiking trails and roads to various hiking destinations (eg the educational trail on Kalnik). On the rocks of the Old Town and the rocks north of the mountain lodge (7 teeth), there are hundreds of climbing routes. Paragliders take off from the plateau near the TV tower, west of the top of Vranilec. The old town is visited by many mountaineers and excursionists. There is a view of the surrounding areas on all sides. The area is popular for lovers of walking, climbing, hiking and paragliding. At a distance of about 70 km is Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. It is a city of museums and rich historical architecture. Shopping enthusiasts can shop in a wide selection of shopping malls. At a distance of up to 70 km you can visit spas and swimming pools (St. Martin, Čakovec, Koprivnica), the baroque city of Varaždin, Trakoščan Castle and the famous Neanderthal Museum in Krapina and much more. The nearest old historic town Križevci (15 km), provides you with all the necessary facilities for a pleasant stay in Northwestern Croatia (restaurants, cafes, shopping centers…).