Medical tourism

Physical Therapy

In the comfort of our holiday home, based on your psychophysical condition and your wishes, we will create a personalized physiotherapy program with the aim of achieving better health and a better quality of life. Combine your vacation with our services (kinesitherapy-group or individual, hydrokinesitherapy) and improve your health.


You can also request massages at our holiday home. The massage is performed with the hands in order to directly or indirectly affect the muscular and nervous system and blood and lymph circulation. Massage will be provided according to the problem for which you requested treatment, and you can afford a relaxing classic massage for personal pleasure that removes less pain and tension, reduces headaches, reduces stress hormones, breaks down tension and balances and ensures better sleep, eases life habits and improves your health. Strong emotional fatigue can increase physical fatigue, so according to your needs and condition, you can request a back massage or a full body massage.

Given the constantly declining quality of modern life caused by stress and pollution, health tourism is taking an increasingly important role in revitalizing the psychophysical abilities of man, so take the opportunity offered to you at Holiday Home Kalnik. Rehabilitation and exercise or massage and the use of SPA / WELLNESS services are offered to you in the heart of nature, without noise and air pollution, in a favorable mountain climate. This area is a desirable year-round destination that combines the beauty of the destination, the richness of history, the values of the climate, the expertise of staff and the quality of services that your hosts have put in the service of your health and leisure.

How to request health and recreational services?

You can request your wishes, needs and requirements directly on the contact by phone or message, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber or email.

Contact: bacc. physioth. Lorena Nemčić, Bachelor of Physiotherapy

Mobile: 091 154 2660

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