House Rules

House rules Holiday Home kalnik

In accordance with the Croatian Hospitality Act (OG 85/15, 121/16 and 99/18) and the desire to to ensure a pleasant stay,
please read the house rules of Holiday Home Kalnik:

1. Accommodation can be used only by the person who booked the accommodation, registered with the owner of the facility
upon arrival you presented an identity document.

2. Arrival time (check in) is from 16:00 to 22:00 and departure time (check out) is
no later than 12:00 hours unless otherwise agreed in advance with the host

3. Upon arrival, the guest receives the keys and report the loss of keys immediately to prevent
abuse. For a fee, the owner will give you a new key to use.

4. Please do not make too much noise that would disturb the surrounding neighbors from 23:00 to
8:00 h.

5. Pets are allowed in the house at no extra charge.

6. Please inquire about any possible needs, wishes or special requirements (tasting
of domestic brandies and wines, breakfast services, other) inform the host the day before, no later than
18 hours or on arrival at the facility.

7. Smoking is not allowed in the building except in the tasting room of local products (basement)

8. Taking inventory out of the yard is not allowed – pillows, blankets, towels, dishes, etc.

9. Please keep inventory and equipment as any intentional damage caused during your
stay, we will have to charge you.

10. Any malfunction or malfunction in the facility or possible dissatisfaction with the service, please
report to the property owner immediately.

11. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

12. Explosives or weapons are not allowed in the facility.

13. All possible complaints of guests are accepted only if they are reported during the stay
in the building.

14. Information on the manner of submitting written objections can be found in the facility.

15. The host has the right in the absence of the guest in special circumstances to enter the facility due to
preventing possible damage or danger.

16. Use of parking is free but the owner is not responsible for any damage to
vehicle created in the parking lot in the yard.

17. Guests who do not follow this house rule, the owner of the facility has the right to cancel

18. Please be sure to turn off the water when leaving, turn off electrical appliances and close
return the door to the owner of the property or to the mailbox.


Dear guests, in accordance with the Croatian Consumer Protection Act (OG 41/14, 110/15, 14/19), you can send your possible complaints about the services provided by mail, e-mail or enter them on our website. We will provide a written response to the complaint within 15 days of receipt.

You can send a complaint to:
by e-mail to:
by mail to the address: Jasna Nemčić-Jurec
Valentina Denžića 16
48267 Sv. Petar Orehovec

We wish you a wonderful stay!